Hello, I know it’s been a long time (2 months omg…) and I’m very deeply sorry. But if you saw my last post, you know how hard being in high school is for me!

Well I’m back for a good reason: it’s finally the 2 weeks Christmas break here in France and I can rest a little bit (yeah because I still have to study a lot for tests but at least I can wake up late haha). So of course, I have to post things here 🙂

Those two weeks are really important, first because it means it’s the end of 2016, a truly crappy year for me and a lot of people. I seriously hope that 2017 will be much much better! Then of course it means I can calm down a bit when it comes to school. I mean it’s been so intense and stressful that I have to take stuff to help me calm down and sleep better. I’ve been so stressed and almost depressed that I started having physical pain and medical issues all because of this. I also had to do a breast ultrasound recently because I thought something was wrong but thank god everything’s ok. Really I just can’t wait for all of this to end! Also, I still am lost about what I’m going to do next year and this is getting problematic since I have to decide before the end of January (no need to say I have to do so much researches about colleges & other stuff now)

Important things that will happen next year are my 18th birthday (!!!), me passing my final exams and me voting for the first time (for the presidential elections). I also really hope I’ll be able to go to England because damn I want it so bad! 🙂 Oh, and OH MY GOD THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST MOVIE WITH EMMA WATSON!!!!!!! I mean it’s my fave Disney movie + princess and to know that Emma Watson will play her brings so much joy in my life 😀 go watch the trailers!!! (that reminds me I also NEED to watch Fantastic beasts.)

During these 2 weeks, I plan on posting some Christmas related posts about music, food, movies etc. and also one post about some face masks 😉 I hope you’re all ok, I mean hang on, only two weeks left!



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