As it is Christmas at the end of the week, I thought I’d make a little post about what I eat/drink/listen to/watch during this time of the year 🙂

First: to get in the mood, you need music!! So, here’s a little playlist of what I listen to the most these past few days:

About the artists, it really is up to you, but I think Justin Bieber‘s album for Drummer boy, Fa la la, All I want for Christmas is you & Santa Claus is coming to town is pretty damn good, same for Glee with Baby, it’s cold outside + Last Christmas (even though Wham! made an excellent job with this one haha!). It really depends on what mood you’re in: pop, jazz, rock… 🙂 And in case you don’t really know, Spotify made some amazing playlists and there’s one with only piano versions of Christmas songs that is, in my opinion, quite good for reading 😉

Then: food/drinks, personally I love me some carrot cake and Christmas biscuits, but also on the savoury side everything cheese related (fondue/raclette/tartiflette (some French names I can’t really translate)). For the drinks since I’m more of an iced coffee person, I tend to drink a lot of tea + hot chocolate during winter, and I must say that this year this Starbuck’s hot fudge chocolate is pretty outstanding! And of course, some chai tea latte 🙂christmasfooddrinks.jpg

After that: the movies! I have to say I chose some unsual ones for Christmas:christmasmovies.jpg

I’m a weird person when it comes to movies since I don’t watch a lot or I watch them too late (like The nightmare before Christmas that I watched this year and not 10 years ago 😦 ). Well, all I can say is: watch Harry Potter (the first 3 are quite Chistmassy I think, then the following ones are more dark). I’m not giving you quite normal Christmas movies, I know, it’s just that they’re cool and they kind of make me think of it 🙂 Narnia is just so cool and have this wintry vibe (with all the snow), same for Edward Scissorhands, which is actually one of my fave movies ever, so pure and the aesthetic is fab! I added Catch me if you can, because it’s just that the movie is really cool and pretty, Leo is amazing in it and since it’s quite a funny movie I thought I’d watch it before Christmas (I mean you can at least agree that it’s all about having dreams, right? And I had to put at least one movie with bae, sorry)

Songs, food, drinks and movies. Now you just need a pretty Christmas tree and maybe some gifts to actually say “it’s Christmas”! I know some things in this selection do not seem quite Christmassy (*cough* Catch me if you can and basically every other movie *cough*). Btw for this Christmas, my dad got me an iPhone 7+ (I seriously told him not to) and I just can’t wait to use the camera! 🙂 Have a lovely week,



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