Of course, I had to get sick just the day before Christmas :)))) Also, I think I’m about to change things here, like I may change my name, platform etc… but not until January 🙂

Anyway, merry Christmas guys! I really do hope everything’s ok, that you’re spending a good day 🙂 And if you received any gifts, I hope they’re good! My Christmas eve day was very cool: I baked pug cakes for my dog (and many thanks for Zoe’s idea ), I took care of wrapping the last gifts… (got an iPhone 7+) and it was a very chilled evening 🙂

I thought that I could use this day to talk about something that matters to me: anxiety + stress. For about two years I’ve been subject to stress and sometimes anxiety, and trust me, it can be hard. I know for a fact it can happen to anyone.

On the 23rd, I went to the mall with my family and it was awful: too much people and the heat they produced + the fact that I was getting sick caused me to almost faint at least 5 times. It was truly horrible. I had to go, to buy something for my mother but honestly, I never felt that bad. I saw that a girl actually passed out in one of the shops and I was like “well, soon it’ll be my turn”. When we finally came home, I was still in this weird mood and when I went to bed it was horrible: I couldn’t sleep. My heart was beating so fast and could not slow down, no matter what. I tried to concentrate on my breathing and it didn’t help… finally much later on, I fell asleep.

While I was trying to fall sleep, I thought of something I saw in Grey’s Anatomy: in one episode, Dr Dixon (she’s autistic) is getting hugged by someone and has a breakdown. Later on, she asks Bailey and Christina to hug her: in fact, the pressure that a hug gives is depressing her sympathetic nervous system, slow her heart rate and metabolic rates, therefore it will calm her (it worked). So, it made me think that a hug (I mean a tight one but it’s still a hug) can/is supposed to calm you when you’re anxious or having a panic attack. (Here you can found out more about her on the personality side 🙂 ).

I did some researches and apparently, hugging someone who has a panic attack can be helpful but not for everyone. So, I think that you should ask first, slowly if they want to.

As always, I (and many many others) think that we need to talk more about mental health. I saw Issa’s tweet about the fact that depression & other stuff does not disappear during holidays and he’s right. I want everyone to feel ok, to be ok with themselves. Stay safe, have a lovely week(end) and see you soon 🙂



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