It’s finally 2017!!!!!!!! Oh. my. fucking. god 2016 has been so bad 😦 From Bowie to Carrie Fisher, George Michael, Prince… Please 2017 be good!

As you’re reading this, my blog has changed. I decided to change the platform since I’m not very happy with this one!

You can now find me on blogger: sazsloan.blogpost.com (or .fr it works too!) 😀

As you can see it’s no longer “odetothoughts” since I’ve realized this doesn’t define who I really am: I honestly thought I’d make such a cool blog, expressing a lot of things linked to the news, that I’d do a lot of researches about some topics, but after six months and 20 (21 w/ this one!) posts, I know I’m not doing it, and I don’t want to. So, I have decided to “start all over again” but not really haha!

The thing is, I wanted something simpler than odetothoughts, something that isn’t too much: Saz is for Sarah (obviously) and Sloan, well, is a name I really, really love thanks to Grey’s Anatomy (McSteamy ♥)… 🙂

On this blog, you’ll find everything I posted with odetothoughts (on the same date etc…) and from now you’ll have all the new ones 😉

I’ll keep an eye on odetothoughts for a moment but I really hope everything will be ok for everybody (including me haha), thanks for those who looked at this blog and liked some of the posts, love u all ♥

Sarah Xx


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